Applications and Markets

Adya Clarity Applications

Markets to which Adya Clarity can be sold to:

1. The Spa industry – spas and pools can use Adya Clarity to treat their water thus creating real healing water, which is the real purpose of a spa. No pretreatment needed every 3-days, which is the case with chlorine. Water will stay clean for 9 months. Can be used to create “detoxing” pools, which will pull out toxins of people with diseases and health conditions, while neutralizing the toxins it pulls out, as they sink to the bottom of the pool.

2. Cleaning out various water sources to turn them into safe, clean, and healthy (mineralized), drinking water. Will remove chlorine, fluoride, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, heavy metals, mold, fungus etc. from water, rendering these inert and inactive, as they sink to the bottom of the water.

  • Can be used in 3rd world countries that have contaminated water sources.
  • Can be used as a substitute to any other conventional water treatment, (which are mostly unhealthy, and strip the waters from all ‘life’ i.e ionic minerals, oxygen, and electric charge). Will hold the charge in water for over 5 years. Can be added to any bottled water brand to create REAL mineral water.
  • Can be used to clean sewage water, which then can be used for agriculture.

3.  Farming:

  • Added to irrigation waters for crops will yield stronger, more resilient, and highly nutritious crops, which will be able to sustain in extreme weather conditions. Resulting in higher crop yields.
  • Added to fish farming pools, will yield extremely clean water w/o the need of chemicals and medicine. Resulting in healthy, clean fish, like GOD intended them to be.

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