Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity has many benefits

Minerals are of utmost importance in our world!

We are not even aware how our water and soil are contaminated by germicides, weed killers, rodent poisons, chemicals to regulate a plant’s growth, and various other agricultural chemicals, and industrial waste, we have destroyed the bacteria, which play a vital role in the cycle of the ecosystem.

This toxicity ends up depleting our foods minerals.

In creating our “efficient society”, we have developed inorganic farming techniques, which do not use the genes of the crops themselves, but cause crops to ripen and leaves to thicken. We have committed a great error in mass-producing crops that are deficient of sufficient minerals.


Derived from “Black Mica”, a volcanic rock, harvested from a volcanic mineral rich source in Japan.

40 years in research in Japan, 35 years in the market.

Originally created to be able to clean out contaminated water sources and turn them into drinking water.

Adya Clarity is a mineral dense liquid, which when added to any water (only 1 teaspoon per gallon), will provide the following BENEFITS to ANY water:

  • Magnetizes the water
  • Structures the water
  • Activates the Oxygen in the water, making it anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-fungal, and removes or reduces aromatic chemicals. Turns water into Surgically Clean!
  • Adds 80 minerals and trace minerals in an ionic form. 
  • Removes or reduces any Chlorine and other chemicals from the water (which will sink to the bottom being rendered harmless and inert).

We have a scientific document that proves that the cluster of water molecule will be reduced to 6.5 from 12, which is the size of other kinds of water we label as “dead water”. Reverse osmosis water, distilled water, tap water, purified water are all dead water.  Other than hydration, they do little in terms of delivering benefits.

  • Can be used to wash fruit and veggies, will extract from them all heavy metals and chlorine (from the water that was used to spray them at the market).
  • Soaked nuts and seeds taste much much better!
  • Agriculture: Korea learned that rice stalks did not easily bend under the power of a Typhoon.  This is a tremendous implication for the industry.
  • Used in Japan to raise healthy fishes in fish farms
  • Turns water into surgically clean
  • Assists in all types of plant growing, plants are stronger, more vibrant- makes sense- we are returning bio-available minerals to depleted earth.
  • Minerals in an ionized form do a fast garbage collection work. through urine, sweat and other transportation methods.  (Aren’t the toxins reasons for illnesses?)

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


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