Adya Clarity Testimonials

What do Adya Clarity users say?

Contaminated Lake Water Cleaned up in 1 hour of applying Adya Clarity, contaminats sunk to the bottom of the container and are inactive:

BEFORE Adya Clarity

AFTER 1 Hour of applying 1.5 spoons of Adya Clarity, water is clear

Joe of Colorado says…

I just wanted to say “THIS IS A GREAT SYSTEM!”  I used to take antiaids on a daily basis.  But, now I have no need for them.  My heartburn is gone!  I also live in Colorado which has a very dry climate.  I would use moisturizing lotion a couple times a week because my skin would dry out so quickly, but now I have no need for moisturizers.  This is all in just a few weeks!  Thanks Adya!  I am going to eat some pizza and go to be now…with no worries of waking up in the middle of the night to pop a few rolaids!

Rose of Burlington, Michigan writes…

“I have been drinking water treated with Adya Mineral Solution for nearly two years.  Fortunately, I don’t suffer from disease or illness that I am aware, but my I did suffer from constant bloating, constipation, sinus migraines and allergies, troubled sleep, and sever fatigue associated with anemia.  After only 2 days of drinking at least 1/2 gallon of water each day treated with Adya minerals the constipation completely disappeared and has not returned as I continue to drink the water each day.  Bloating disappeared along with the constipation.  Within a month I was no longer fatigued nor anemic (which eliminated taking those nasty iron pills.)  Additionally I have not suffered from sinus migraines and my spring and fall allergy symptoms are nearly non-existent.  My entire family drinks water treated with Adya minerals.  My children no longer take juice boxes in their lunches…they choose water and they choose it on their own.  More importantly, colds and flues are less frequent and when a member of the family does get a cold the symptoms only last for a few days versus a week or two.


Ellen of Florida says…

My husband and I continue to drink water treated with Adya minerals because I know that minerals are an important part of maintaining good health, plus, our hair seems darker as though the gray hairs are diminishing!


Themarox Around the World:

In America: Orange County, CA, did a test in 1984, which was a success and decided to
use Themarox for their wastewater treatment system.  However, the tonnage required for
this (400 to 500 tons per month) was much greater than the production capacity of 200
tons a month; therefore the order was not supplied.
In Korea: Under testing in the raising of rice, barley, wheat and other grains.  They
learned that the husk of the plants were stronger when Themarox was used and the result
was dramatically seen when a typhoon hit the land.  The Themarox husks did not bend
down and break (resiliency to resist strong wind).  An increase of harvest was observed.
Plants grew quite strongly even in cold summer.  (They usually require a hot summer for
their maturity.)
In Mexico: Themarox was being used in the disposed water clarification.  These results
were outstanding and because of production limitation at the time, a sustaining order was
not ordered.
The magic for Jacuzzi, pool and hot tub water is 100 ppm water, which translates to
10,000 parts water to 1 one-part Themarox.
In Japan: There are many health spas, which use Themarox (Adya Clarity) in their own spas and pools.
Themarox is easily used and incredibly effective.  Many fish farms use Themarox with
their aquaculture.  The results are quite astounding (7 pH becomes stable at 6. to 6.7.
–  Large rate of dissolved oxygen and the average rate of microorganism content
about 1.5 x 1000.
–  Chromatic degree of water is around 1.4 & 1.8.
–  It is possible to see the bottom through the water, whereas conventional
transparency is about 10 cm (3”).
–  Calcium ion amount, which is usually about 2600 ppm, becomes within 550 to
580 ppm.
–  Density of stocked eels is 30% higher than in conventional cases and yet no water
changing is required for 4 to 6 months, resulting in water, fuel, electricity and
labor cost saving.
–  No diseases have occurred, without using any medicine such as antibiotics.
Nearly 100% survival rate has been recorded.
–  Uniform in color, meat quality, weight and is valued as high as the natural eels.

What are some of the things we hear from people . . . .

–  My skin from the 2nd day on feels like ‘silk’.

–  My nails are more pliable than before.

–  I don’t lose hair any more.

–  I don’t bloat any more

–  My surgeon said that I’d require 6 months for a complete recovery.  I recovered in two months.

–  I lost weight.

–  I don’t have to sleep as much as I used to.  (One person said he now sleeps only 4 hrs. a night.)

–  The pain I have sustained from arthritis disappeared within a week after “I started this water.”

–  The acute pain I had from a kidney stone disappeared within days.

–  My bowel has changed to soft one like baby’s, including the color (yellow).

–  I have so much energy now.

–  It tastes so good that I find myself drawn to the Adya Clarity water constantly.

–  I donít get a hunger pain.  Sometimes I can go a whole day without eating food, as long as I am drinking this water.

–  My concentration has become sharper and more focused.

–  I feel I have a complete control over health, energy and thought.

–  My blood pressure dropped within a week.

–  My blood sugar count dropped.  My doctor asks what I have been doing.

–  This water seems to teach me whatís good to drink and whatís bad to eat.  How? I get a severe stomach ache if I drink beer or whisky and this lasts a whole day sometimes.

–  My kids suddenly began drinking this water and now stay away from nationally famous soft drinks.  (Sorry, we canít name them.  But you know them.)

–  The taste of my coffee with this water is unbelievable.

–  My tea tastes so- – – sweet now.

–  My coffee tastes fabulous.

–  My rice tastes much better.

Our conclusive impression is that given proper nutrition, our body seems to know what to

do with them.  And we are definitely implying health.  



  1. Jessica said,

    August 14, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    I am interested in information about using adya clarity my hot tub. The chemicals I use bro
    Bromide. Acid. Etc. Really mess up my hair and skin.

    I do put sea salt in the tub. Would using adya clarity interfere with the sea salt?

    • ionNes said,

      October 20, 2010 at 9:45 am

      Adya Clarity can clean out a hot tub and keep it clean for 6-9 months with one treatment.
      Add 1 teaspoon per gallon, and enjoy the clean detoxing water that Adya Clarity creates.

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